Where to collect gem fragments at Landmarks for the Shanta Quest in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Discover the game’s 10 major landmarks for an exclusive gold-plated cosmetic.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Deep into the Shanta Questline in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, players will again be asked to collect another group of gem fragments located at major areas that aren’t named on the game’s map. Most of these Landmarks are massive and easy to get to, but the gems are another story.

Compared to past challenges, this will require you to find a soul-shattering 10 gems. Of course, it will be well worth your time, as completing this should net you another piece of Shanta’s gold armor. It should be noted that all gems listed below are not inside buildings but either on the back or front of the Landmarks. Here’s a detailed layout of where to spot each of the ten gems.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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  • Gem Fragment #1: Head east of Logjam Lumberyard to find a mansion on the coast surrounded by a maze. Go to the left of the maze, where there is a statue and a maze entrance. Walk into the maze entrance and discover this gem directly to the right.
  • Gem Fragment #2: North of Sleepy Sound, a small island with a red and white lighthouse at its most northern point. Go to the lighthouse’s entrance to discover the gem.
  • Gem Fragment #3: Northeast of The Daily Bugle, there will be two small temples connected by a narrow bridge. This gem can be located at the center of the bridge.
  • Gem Fragment #4: West of The Daily Bugle, you’ll spot a two-story brick building with a few taxis in its parking lot. From the building’s entrance, look to the left, where there will be a gem sitting on top of a bush outside.
  • Gem Fragment #5: At the map’s central lake, a small island is in the middle with just a camping tent and three tall trees. The gem can be found behind one of the trees.
  • Gem Fragment #6: South of Camp Cuddle, you’ll notice a satellite tower set in the center of a two-story log cabin. On the second floor, a gem will be sitting on the front porch.
  • Gem Fragment #7: Directly south of Greasy Grove, go to the blue cell tower closest to the grove. You can zip-line to its top walkway directly from Greasy Grove, where the gem will be located.
  • Gem Fragment #8: Go to the large island at the bottom-left on the map. There are two rows of windmills where a gem will be sitting in-between.
  • Gem Fragment #9: Head west of The Joneses until you run upon a massive Mayan temple. Go to the back of the building and take the flight of stairs leading to the second floor’s porch to find the gem floating in mid-air.
  • Gem Fragment #10: North of Condo Canyon, there will be a small clay terrain with just two stacks of rocks set in the center — this is where the last gem will be floating.