Where to farm Qingxin in Genshin Impact – Qingxin Flower Locations

These flowers make a great Valentine’s gift.

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Qingxin is a plant used to ascend Liyue-based characters in Genshin Impact. You need it to ascend powerful characters such as Xiao, Ganyu, and Chungyun. It can be exclusively found in the Liyue region and only at the top of cliffs. To get your hands on this plant, you will need to do a lot of climbing, as they only grow at the top of high cliffs. Not on the cliff face but grassy patches at the top. However, they do tend to grow in clusters or two to three plants quite close together. This guide will show you where to track these rare flowers in Genshin Impact.

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Where to find Qingxin Flowers in Genshin Impact

The Huaguang Stone Forest is pretty easy to spot to farm in, as they will grow in clusters near the teleport points and the Statue of the Seven. It is easy to grab a quick dozen Qingxin plants here, but they will take two to three days to respawn afterward.

Doing a lap around the areas marked below is the ideal farming route to take when hunting down these elusive crafting materials. once they’ve been acquired, they will take roughly 48 real-time hours to spawn again.

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When looking for these flowers, you should have Qiqi in your party if you are lucky enough to have her. She will mark these rare Liyue resources on your minimap, making them easier to find.

If you are stuck for Qingxin and cannot find any on the map, you can visit Babu Pharmacy in Liyue. Here, you can buy an assortment of plants, including Qingxin. You can buy up to 10 plants for 600 Mora each, and the stock will refresh every three days.