Where to find a Chrome Splash in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, and how to use it

How to become a blob and phase through walls.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Chrome Splash is a brand new item in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, and it’s a weird one. It’s kind of like a Chug Splash, only instead of giving you shields, it turns you into semi-liquid chrome, rather like the T-1,000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. But it also has a weird effect if you throw it at a structure. Basically, it has various effects, and they’re not all so easy to figure out. Chrome Splashes come in sets of four, and you can carry up to eight of them. They’re Epic loot, so you might find them on the floor, or in regular chests, but they’re more likely to show up in rare chests and supply drops.

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How to Chrome-ify yourself and turn into a blob using the Chrome Splash

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So, if you throw a Chrome Splash at your own feet, or at a vertical surface that’s right next to you, you’ll get Chrome-ified. You’ll remain the same shape, but you’ll turn into Chrome, which means you’re now immune to fire damage. But if you try to sprint, you’ll turn into a Chrome blob. As a blob, you can’t shoot anything, but you move really fast and are immune to fall damage. You can also do a special air dash move by double jumping. This moves you really fast through the air for a short distance, and if you do it into a structure, you’ll phase through that structure.

How to phase through walls using a Chrome Splash

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If you throw a Chrome Splash at a wall without splashing yourself, then you and any other player can pass through the section of the wall that has been splashed with Chrome. This works on both fixed structures and player-built structures, but doesn’t work on surfaces that don’t have space on the far side, so you can’t use it to phase through a boulder or a mountain or anything like that. But it’ll be useful against players who hide in their own structures as soon as you start shooting at them. It might even bring a few Zero Build players back to the regular Battle Royale mode.