Where to find Blackcurrant in Red Dead Redemption 2

Time to go picking some wild blackcurrants.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Image via Rockstar

Blackcurrant is a plant that can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2. It will grow in dry areas and will appear as a medium-size bush with green leaves, and groupings of glossy blackberries on its branches. Blackcurrant can be used to make Special Snake Oil, Special Miracle Tonic, and Horse Meal. You may need to find it for Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online.

It should be noted, Blackcurrant grows in the same places in Red Dead Online, so if you need the plant for a challenge in the multiplayer portion of the game, the below will still help you. 

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You can find Blackcurrants to the north of Tumbleweed in New Austin. Directly north of the M in Tumbleweed, you will see where a road splits into two, on the north side of Gaptooth Ridge. Blackcurrants will grow in this location. If you can’t find enough in this location, head southeast, and they can be found growing to the north of the road.

It is a good idea to grab all the plants in the game as you come across them. After all, you never know when you might need them, and make sure you don’t sell your entire supply because you might suddenly find yourself in need of a plant you just sold. Just keep an eye open for Blackcurrant every time you go through this area, and you should never run out.

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