Where to find Brahmin in Fallout 76

A great source of protein.

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There are many things that you will need if you want to survive in the wastelands of Fallout 76 but none are as important as food and water. From the beginning of the game, you are told that you need food and water if you want to live, and going without either for too long will end up giving your character negative effects. One of the best sources of meat in the game is Brahmin. Below, we will show you where you can find Brahmin in Fallout 76.

Brahmin locations in Fallout 76

There are multiple types of animals that you can find throughout the wastelands with many of them being hostile toward you. Brahmin is one of the few animals that you can interact with that won’t automatically try to attack you, making them easy to kill for their meat and leather. Killing a Brahmin will typically get you one or two Brahmin Meat as well as one or two Brahmin Hides.

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Brahmin are actually very common creatures to find in the wastelands of Appalachia and you will most likely run into some very early in the game. If you are in need of some extra meat or leather, you can find Brahmin in the following areas:

  • Flatwoods – Four Brahmin can be found around the church.
  • The Wayward – Up to three Brahmin can spawn in the pen outside.
  • Big Bend Tunnel East – A few Brahmin can be found roaming around outside the tunnel entrance.
  • Pleasant Valley Station – Head east from the station to find multiple Brahmin.
  • Anchor Farm – Two Brahmin can be found in the pen near the house.

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Flatwoods is perhaps the best area to find Brahmin. The animals respawn here regularly and it is a consistent area to get food whenever you play. When gathering meat from animals such as Brahmin, it is important to have the Butcher’s Bounty perk equipped since it gives you an increased chance of getting extra meat. Perks like Good With Salt will also help the meat spoil less quickly as you explore the wastelands. Now you just need to collect some flora like Bloodleaf to go along with it.