Where to find Gourds in Fallout 76

The best vegetable for autumn.

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As you survive for countless days in the wastelands of Appalachia in Fallout 76, you will eventually need to gather supplies like food and water. Food can come from many sources: animals, pre-war food, or even vegetables. While not all vegetables are appetizing, one of the delicious morsels you can get your hands on is Gourds. These delectable veggies are found all across the wasteland but they aren’t in the most prominent locations. This guide will show you where you can find Gourds in Fallout 76.

Gourd locations in Fallout 76

Similar to other vegetables, you can find Gourds all over the wasteland growing in different locations that aren’t always the most obvious. This type of vegetable is often found growing on the ground or in planter boxes inside different areas of the map. While you are more likely to find vegetables like Carrots, there are plenty of areas where you can find Gourds on the map. Check the following areas in your search:

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  • Raleigh Clay’s Bunker – Located in The Mire on the eastern side of the map, there are several Gourds in the grow room in Raleigh Clay’s Bunker as well as Razorgrain and Carrots.
  • Bolton Greens – Bolton Greens is located in the Forest region of the map just north of the Top of the World. You can find several Gourds in a box on the side of the road to the southwest of this location.
  • The General’s Steakhouse – The Steakhouse can be found in the northern part of Cranberry Bog. Multiple Gourds can be found in a trailer to the northeast of this location.
  • Lewis & Sons Farming Supply – Located along the western edge of the map near the Nuka Cola factory, one Gourd can be found in each of the greenhouses at Lewis & Sons Farming Supply.

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Outside of searching for Gourds, you can also plant them at your camp as long as you have one Gourd and two Fertilizers. This will allow you to get multiple Gourds that spawn over time. Once you have collected a few Gourds, you can use them for sustenance or you can use them to make different dishes such as Cranberry Relish and Gourd Soup. Make sure to have the Green Thumb perk equipped when searching for Gourds to get more each time you harvest them.