Where to get White Jade Radishes in Tower of Fantasy

Fill up on these rad radishes while deep in the desert.

Image via Level Infinite

White Jade Radishes are a vegetable that you can harvest in Tower of Fantasy. Valuable as cooking ingredients and last-resort meals, these radishes can restore your Satiety, keeping you going when exploring some of the toughest environments the game offers. Plentiful and easy to stockpile in large amounts, you can collect a lot of them as long as you know where to look for them.

White Jade Radishes location in Tower of Fantasy

Image via HoYoLab

White Jade Radishes grow in arid climates and terrains, so if you’re looking for them, you’ll need to travel to someplace similar to a desert. Only one desert — the Gobby Desert of the planet Vera — exists in Tower of Fantasy that fits this description.

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The rolling sands and dry heat of the Gobby Desert make growing any type of flora, including White Jade Radishes, nearly impossible. As a result, most of the region’s foragable foodstuffs are reserved to the patches of grassland surrounding one of the scattered oases that dot the landscape. The White Jade Radishes themselves tend to grow in the more mountainous portion of the desert to the north, found exclusively near the Saltwater Oasis and Evil’s Clutch Oasis.

You may notice that neither the Gobby Desert nor its home planet of Vera are available in the current version of Tower of Fantasy. Vera is expected to go live with new characters and items as part of the upcoming Update 2.0. While this major expansion has yet to be given a formal release date, it is anticipated to be coming to the game later this year.