Where to find Churro Sheep for the Devil’s Quarry Hunt quest in New World

This quest is quite misleading. Here are some clarifications.

via Amazon Game Studios

If you’ve found yourself stuck trying to find Churro Sheep for the Devil’s Quarry Hunt quest in New World, don’t worry. You are not alone. This quest is incredibly deceptive in its requirements and has left countless players totally lost in what to do and where to go. We’re here to help resolve some of these issues so you can find those darned sheep.

It’s entirely possible that in your travels to find Churro Sheep, you actually did find some, but didn’t notice. Churro Sheep are actually called “Corsair’s Rise Sheep”, and this is what will display when you approach one. “Churro Sheep” is just their nickname, so if you happened to run into any Corsair’s Rise Sheep recently, go back and find them again, cause that’s what you’re looking for. In case you haven’t seen any, they appear similar to normal sheep, but with four curved antlers.

On top of being given a false name, you’re also fed false information as to where to look. Don’t go to the quest marker to find Churro Sheep. Instead, head north of the Mines de Miclot, past the large road you see on the map north of the mine and excavation sites. It’s this large, mostly flat region of land that you want to search for the sheep. This area is still part of Devil’s Quarry, but the map marker implies you should search an entirely different section of the region, which can be quite confusing.

Explore this forested area until you can find some Churro Sheep. They can down quick, so sneak up behind them and take them out. You’ll need to kill a total of three, and skin each of them for their antlers, which you’ll require at least a flint tool in order to do. As a bonus, you’ll increase your skinning level a bit. Once you’ve skinned three, return to Monarch Bluff’s Hamlet to claim your well-earned reward.