Where to find Promethium in Gotham Knights

Track down these resources to upgrade your equipment.

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Promethium is one of the several crafting materials you can use while playing in Gotham Knights. There are a handful of ways to locate it, which you will want to bring back to the Belfry for your equipment. Unfortunately, it can take some time to track it down, and you’ll need it for some of your better weapons, suits, and ranged weapons. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Promethium in Gotham Knights.

How to get Promethium in Gotham Knights

You’ll only find Promethium if you go after the Regulators. They’re one of the many factions you can battle against while exploring Gotham Knights, but they’re also one of the more common foes you can find while exploring the city in the general old world. They’re not tied to missions, but Promethium is considered a rare resource to find, which means you’ll have to face off against some of the more formidable opponents in this category.

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The Regulators have a chance to drop these resources. Alternatively, it can also be acquired from completing missions featuring this faction. There’s a chance they can appear as a Premetitaded Crime throughout the city. If you don’t have any of these available, we strongly recommend going to any of the white markers on the map and interrogating the criminals at those locations. You will need to narrow down which is the informant, and they will have a white question mark above their head.

You’ll have a good chance of having a Regulator-related mission if you interrogate a Regulator. They can appear in the Financial District, Old Gotham, Southside, Tricorner Island, Bowery, Otisburg, West End, and Gotham Heights. Check these locations often if you’re running low on Promethium.