Where to find Pyrestone in Tribes of Midgard

Make sure to bring some protective clothing.

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Pyrestone is one of the many resources you can harvest in Tribes of Midgard, which you will regularly want to find to craft weapons back at your village. Pyrestone is slightly rare, as you can only find it in a single region in the game, limiting your chances of finding it while exploring. How you go about reaching this area will take time, too. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Pyrestone in Tribes of Midgard.

How to get Pyrestone in Tribes of Midgard

The most notable location you can find Pyrestone is in the Volcanic region, which is available if you can unlock Surtr’s Gateway. You can do this by locating it in the Glacier Peaks biome, the snowy locations. It will have a Gateway icon on the map. When you approach this Gateway, you will need to offer 3,000 Souls, 50 Event Fragments, 20 Ancient Cores, and 10 Múspelites, which you can find at Outposts, a location you can find in every biome.

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After you open the Gateway, you will enter the Volcanic region, Surtr’s realm. Here, you should regularly find Pyrestone throughout the region and multiple fire-based minions ready to scorch you at a moment’s notice. The Pyrestone will be the purple ore you can mine using your Pickaxe.

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Bring it back to camp when you have enough to see what items you can craft with your villagers. We recommend regularly visiting this region, before or after your defeat Surtr, to find these resources. If you wait until nighttime, you can discover Twilight Pyrestone. Twilight Pyrestone is only available at night, which means it’s a much more previous material, and you may not want to harvest this until night arrives.