Where to find Soot Flowers in Fallout 76

The perfect flowers to make tea.

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The wastelands of Fallout 76 are filled with various vegetation that you can use to craft drinks and meals to help you survive. While most of you may be focused on finding vegetables like Carrots, you can also grab flowers. Soot Flowers are one of the best types of flowers to pick up around the wasteland and can be used in a good number of recipes like teas, herb pastes, and even healing salves. This guide will show you where you can find Soot Flowers in Fallout 76.

Soot Flower locations in Fallout 76

Similar to other vegetation like Razorgrain, Soot Flowers can be found all over the map but are most commonly found in the Forest and Mire regions, but some can be found in the Cranberry Bog region. You can identify Soot Flowers thanks to their blue color which helps them stand out against the normal flora of the forests.

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While you can search the forests to find Soot Flowers, there are actually a good number of them that spawn in planter boxes around the wasteland. You can even obtain Soot Flowers early on in the game near Vault 76. Check the following areas for Soot Flowers:

  • Vault 76 – Some flowers can be found to the left of the vault entrance after leaving the vault.
  • Overseer’s Camp – Multiple Soot Flowers can be found in the area surrounding the Overseer’s Camp.
  • The Wayward – Several Soot Flowers can be found in planter boxes in front of The Wayward’s open sign.

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Once you have gotten your hands on some Soot Flowers, you can use them at cooking stations as well as chemistry workbenches to make various recipes. You can use Soot Flowers to make the following items:

  • Detoxing Salve (Forest)
  • Disease Cure (Ash Heap)
  • Granny’s Tea
  • Healing Salve (Ash Heap)
  • Healing Salve (Forest)
  • Infused Soot Flower Tea
  • Simple Soot Flower Tea
  • Steeped Fever Blossom Tea
  • Steeped Gourd Blossom Tea
  • Steeped Melon Bloom Tea
  • Steeped Strangler Bloom Tea
  • Steeped Thistle Tea
  • Soot Flower Herb Paste

When searching for Soot Flowers, make sure to equip perk cards like Green Thumb to help you get more each time you harvest the flowers. You can also use perks like Iron Stomach and Slow Metabolizer to increase the benefits of eating Soot Flowers should you choose not to cook them.