Where to find the Distant Spine Island Tree Atlas Skew in Destiny 2

It’s a bit of a trek.

Destiny 2 players will need to find the Distant Spine Island Tree in Destiny 2 for the Tracing the Stars quest. They will be tracking down Atlas Skews that they need to progress the quest, and the descriptions can be a little confusing.

This is actually quite a long journey that players will need to take to get to the Atlas Skew, as it is all the way back at the start of the Dreaming City, where places first arrive when they unlock it during the campaign.

First, spawn at the Divalian Mists and hope on your Sparrow. Head toward the Blind Well entrance, then turn left.

Follow the path all the way around and jump over the gap to get to the area where you used to meet the Awoken Queen. Don’t do into that building, and instead take a turn off to the left.

Follow the path for a short distance and you will come to a blue stone bridge running straight ahead. Drop down below this bridge to a new path, but keep heading in the same direction.

From there, it is just a straight shot and you simply follow the only path all the way to the end where you will find the final Atlas Skew. Players who want help finding the rest of the Atlas Skews for the Tracing the Stars Part 1 can find all the locations in our guide. There are five in total that need to be collected, and some of them can be in pretty awkward spots.