Where to find the Old Sailor’s Key in Sea of Thieves Maiden Voyage

Valuable secrets lie within the old ship’s hull.

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Maiden Voyage is the Sea of Thieves approach to a tutorial mission. It sees your pirate avatar washed up on a small island and following the guidance of the Pirate Lord to prepare you for your voyage into the Sea of Thieves. Those impatient to get their quest rolling will no doubt speed through the tutorials for combat, cooking, and more, but it’s worth sticking around on the island for a bit first. For one thing, a secret stash hides some intriguing rewards for you. Here’s how to get it.

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Finding the Old Sailor’s Key in Sea of Thieves Maiden Voyage

If you’ve got an eye on your surroundings, you may have already found a few of the Pirate Lord’s journals in your explorations. One of them, “Lost Secrets,” found in the crow’s nest of the wrecked ship, details the loss of the key to the ship’s hold and gives you a hint as to its location. The journal suggests that the key might have “made its bid for freedom from my jacket when I climbed up for a drink of fresh spring water,” referring to the small pond on a hilltop near the top of the shipwreck.

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You can get here either by jumping off the side of the ship with the wheel and climbing up the rocks, or by clambering over to the other half of the ship and crossing the collapsed mast. Either way, once you get to the spring, dive in and have a cast about for the key among the weeds and rocks at the bottom.

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How to use the Old Sailor’s Key in Sea of Thieves Maiden Voyage

Eagle-eyed pirates may have noticed a locked trapdoor in the base of the shipwreck. The aforementioned journal confirms that this locked door is that of the ship’s hull — the very door for which you’ve just located the key. Wend your way back to the wreckage with the key in hand and use it to open the trapdoor.

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Inside, you’ll find 25,000 Gold, 200 Doubloons, and another Pirate Lord’s journal to acquire, which will get you that much closer to another commendation. It’s a substantial find and should help set you well on your way to becoming a Pirate Legend once you get into the Sea of Thieves properly.