Where to Find the Three Dragon Locations in God of War

 Where to Find the Three Dragon Locations in God of War

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While dragons might seem inherently dangerous, and Kratos does have a tussle or two with them in God of War, this guide focuses on three rather restrained dragons. Throughout your journey you will be given the opportunity to free them and Atreus is very much in favor of releasing these beasts. Like most caged animals, they will not take kindly to your efforts, clearly not realizing that your intentions are good. Let’s have a look at where to find these dragon locations and how to free them.

The Flight of Fafnir (Shores of Nine)

Where to Find the Three Dragon Locations in God of War
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Fafnir is restrained in an area in the north east of Lake of Nine accessible only via the use of Atreus’ shock arrows. It’s located near the Alfheim Realm Tower and can be accessed near the middle parts of the main story. As with most things, you can always return here later on if you’re too busy hunting down Valkyries and stuff. To free Fafnir, you have to activate a rune shrine that keeps the dragon imprisoned. In order to do that, locate and destroy three rune pedestals that are scattered around the area. You’ll be attacked by a variety of enemies here and Fafnir is also not too happy about your presence.

Otr’s Imprisonment (Veithurgard)

Where to Find the Three Dragon Locations in God of War
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Otr can be found in Veithurgard. Just follow the trail of lightning and fire breath, you can’t miss it. The rules to freeing Otr are the same as before, locate and destroy pedestals until you can activate the shrine and free the beast. The pedestals here are quite spread apart, so be patient and explore all the areas. They do get marked on your map as well.

The Fire of Reginn (Konunsgard)

Where to Find the Three Dragon Locations in God of War
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Upon entering Konunsgard, Atreus will spot this dragon way before you do. Of course, he’ll want to free Reginn, so the search for more pedestals begins. I suggest focusing on the other side quests in this area, as they take you along a path that will eventually lead you to most of the pedestals. If there is a tricky one among them, it may be the one that’s located in a cave nearly straight below Reginn. Again, watch out for the dragon’s attacks.

Dangerous Skies Trophy

Since these dragons are terrible at thanking you for freeing them, all you can expect to gain from completing this favor is the Dangerous Skies trophy. Still, I suppose you’ve now made the land safer for those other folks that may come after you. I mean, imagine not being Kratos and running into a pissed off, tied up dragon? No, thank you!

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