Where to get Fragments in Destiny 2

Modify your abilities.

Destiny 2

The new feature everyone in Destiny 2 wants to learn about is Fragments. These items will be added to your Guardian alongside the new Aspect. The Fragments are shared across all of the Stasis subclasses, so you can freely pick and chose how these play and how they modify your current Darkness abilities. But none of this precisely explained, and it’s left up in the air about what to do.

To access Fragments, you first need to do a long series of quests that revolve around Europa. You’ll have to do Born in Darkness along with parts 2 and 3, Reclaiming Europa, Fallen Empire, Defeat a Dark Priestess, Stasis Prototype, and then Aspect of Control. The final one, Aspect of Control, is one you can only do after completing the previous set, so don’t worry about that one until you’ve obtained the exotic power weapon Salvation’s Grip.

At the end of the Aspect of Control quest, you’ll receive your first aspect. You can test it out when you get it and then see how it plays. But after that, you won’t have too much direction about where to go next. It feels like you’re done with everything on Europa, with nowhere else to go. But it’s not true, Instead, head to the south and speak with the Exo Stranger, and she’ll have something new for you.

When you speak with the Exo Stranger after doing all of that, she’ll have a trio of quests you can pick from. By completing these quests, you’ll receive a fragment. These quests refresh once a week, and there are two of them, so each week, you’ll be able to receive a new fragment if you keep up with Destiny 2.

The three quest choices include receiving one that is Crucible, Strike, or Gambit focused. You can pick which activity you want to do, but it will be an activity that will take you a bit of time, so we recommend you choose something that aligns with your interest in the game. You can switch it up every week, too.