Where to place the alloy in a Forge Brazier and on an anvil in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Power the Rift Gate once and for all.

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1’s Oathbound questline has teased players with the arrival of a Rift Gate on the island, and now Part 3 will finally be debuting it. To see this happen, you must help Rift Warden Stellan by taking an alloy to get heated from a Forge Brazier and then refine it with an anvil. However, there is just one location where you will be able to complete these objectives. Here’s how to finish this Oathbound quest and what you will be earning in return in Fortnite.

Where to place the alloy in a Forge Brazier in Fortnite

Those able to create the alloy from metal materials can traverse way over to Faulty Splits near the bottom-right corner of the map. As marked below, the location bears the Forge Brazier next to Scrapknight Jules’ blacksmithing bench, and you can interact with the brazier by pressing your respective reloading button. Although this is only the first stage of the quest, you should earn an additional 20,000 XP toward your Battle Pass level once this is done.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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With the alloy heated, the rift warden now challenges you with tossing it onto one of two anvils to refine it. Although one anvil is located all the way over in Blackwater Bay, the other actually sits next to Jules’ blacksmithing bench, meaning it is possible to complete the entire quest in just one match. Once the heated alloy is on the anvil, you must then refine it by hitting it with your Harvesting Tool at least five times.

As this Oathbound quest consists of three stages, you can anticipate to earn a whopping total of 60,000 XP after the alloy is refined. Additionally, Rift Warden Stellan will then inform you that the Rift Gate is finally being activated, and the next challenge in the Oathbound questline should be available to do instantly after. It should be noted the following challenge requires players to travel thousands of meters north to the snowy region, so picking up one of the many vehicles or the Flying Nimbus is certainly recommended.