Where To Search The Hidden “I” Found in the Hide and Seek Loading Screen In Fortnite

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Fornite Chapter 2 Season 1 continues, and this week we get more challenges in the form of the Hide and Seek mission. One of the challenges is to search the hidden “I” found in the Hide and Seek loading screen.

Hidden I Location

The Hide and Seek loading screen is a barn, and you know where to go to find a barn in Fortnite. That’s right; it’s off to Frenzy Farms. Head for the gray colored barn on the minimap. It has a grey roof and red walls in the game. Go up two flights of stairs, and the Hidden “I” is against the wall, behind the flight of stairs leading to the next floor.

Frenzy Farm will be a little busy this week, as you also need to land there and get eliminations there for two other challenges. You will want to get to the hidden “I” as quickly as you can, but be sure to watch out for ambushes in the barn.

As usual, you need to finish up eight of the other challenges this week before the hidden “I” shows up in the game for you, so make sure you do that first before searching for it.

You will need to collect all the hidden letters as part of the Alter Ego challenges. If you have missed any, we have guides showing you where to find the hidden T, the hidden R, the hidden 0, the hidden F, and the hidden N.