Where to talk to Guaco, Bunker Jonesy, and Cuddle Team Leader in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Meet Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1’s strangest cast of characters for some sweet loot and XP.

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In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, there are a handful of notable characters from the lore to find in each main point of interest. If you desire to either gain an extra weapon or simply need to fulfill a challenge for the game’s quests, a few of the faces you’ll need to run into include Bunker Jonesy, Cuddle Team Leader, and Guaco — each being fairly hidden away. Thankfully, they take only seconds to find and all offer three items that can lead you to a Victory Royale. Here’s where you can find each of them.

Bunker Jonesy location

Bunker Jonesy may be hard to spot, considering many members of the Jonesy clan look so alike. However, he can be found sporting a long, shiny beard on the south end of The Joneses. The NPC does have a tendency to walk around, but should always be near the backyard of the location’s two-story cabin. From Bunker Jonesy, players will have the option to buy a Common Fishing Rod for 15 Gold, the Exotic “The Dub” shotgun for 600 Gold, and a full health restore for 200 Gold.

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Cuddle Team Leader location

Not to be confused with Metal Team Leader, Cuddle Team Leader is located in the north end of Camp Cuddle on the first floor of the large log cabin. When speaking to the NPC, they will offer you a rare Ranger Assault Rifle for 500 Gold, an Exotic Marksman Six Shooter for 400 Gold, and a full health restore for 200 Gold.

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Guaco location

Guaco is certainly the easiest of the bunch to run into, as the taco-themed mascot is unsurprisingly behind the counter of the Mexican restaurant in Greasy Grove. If you’re having trouble finding the eatery, it is the largest building on the west side of the location. Guaco can lend players a rare Sidearm Pistol for 25 Gold, Chili Chug Splash for 210 Gold, and a full health restore for 200 Gold.

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