Which character should you play as in Gotham Knights?

Need some help deciding which hero is best for you?

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Gotham Knights allows players to experience the world of Gotham through the eyes of four playable characters, Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin. Each of them have their own skill trees and proficiencies. There’s no wrong choice per see when it comes to picking among these superheroes, and at any point, players can return to the headquarters at the Belfry to swap characters. You may ask yourself though, which of these characters should you choose to play from the start?

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Each character in Gotham Knights and their strengths


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Batgirl, also known as Barbara Gordon, is an experienced hacker who can take out enemy security cameras, which is perfect for stealthier combat playstyles. She shoots Batterangs at her foes or at destructible objects to deal damage to nearby enemies. Batgirl can also take a punch since she has abilities that improve her overall HP, allow her to regenerate health, and let her revive if she succumbs to her wounds.

Red Hood

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Players looking for a character with more of a ranged combat style will want to lean towards playing as Red Hood. His guns grant him the ability to stay out of the direct line of fire, but he can manage hand-to-hand combat if needed. Red Hood can grab ahold of nearby enemies and plant a concussion mine on their back just before hurling them away and detonating the mine with his gunshot.


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For those who are looking to play a more fast-paced game, Nightwing may be your choice. Nightwing uses his adept agility to avoid taking damage from enemy attacks. He can pounce on enemies and leap off of them to build up his momentum meter, which means he can use special abilities more frequently. Nightwing is also an expert in evasion, as he summersaults away from enemies when he gets in a pickle.


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Those who enjoy stealthier playstyles would be best suited to play Robin, who specializes in wiping out his enemies without a trace. Robin’s skill tree grants him lots of stealth perks, such as allowing him to run silently and move even faster while crouched. He can lure enemies to decoys that explode and cause elemental damage, use smoke bombs that cloud enemies’ lines of sight, and can even swoop down from vantage points to take down enemies from above.