Why you should sell weeds to Leif during Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Nature Day Event

Money from nothing.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nature Day is an event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that celebrates all the good things about nature. The bugs, the fish, the clouds in the sky, and the grass on the ground, it is all just wonderful and lovely nature, according to Leif, the new character you can find outside Resident Services.

Leif likes everything about nature, except for weeds. He is not a big fan of those and will sell you many wonderful shrubs and plants that you can plant to make your island look beautiful. He actually dislikes weeds so much that he is willing to pay you to get rid of them.

Leif doesn’t want to see weeds on the island, so is willing to pay you 20 Bells for each weed you bring him. This is twice what the Nooks are offering, so it is very much worth selling your weeds to Leif during Nature Day and letting the Nooks swing in the wind for a few days.

When you gather up a lot of weeds, just go to Leif and tell him you want to talk about weeds. As he is obsessed, he will tell you that weeds are pretty ugly, and will offer you a big pile of Bells for any weeds that you have. It is an easy way to increase how many Bells you can earn over nature day, so definitely take advantage of it.

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