WWE 2K23 Icon, Deluxe, and Standard editions – All differences

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WWE 2K23 lets you choose from dozens of your favorite wrestling superstars. Before you get to pick who you want to take into the squared circle, you’ll need to select which version of the game you want. There are three options available: Icon, Deluxe, and Standard. They each have their similarities but vastly differ when it comes to bonus content. Here’s what you’ll find in each version of WWE 2K23.

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What’s in WWE 2K23’s different editions?

Wrestling games tend to include all of the stars currently on the official WWE roster. However, there are times when unique character appearances, new arenas, or MyFaction rewards aren’t included in the base game. These extra items might not change your base experience with the game, they can be must-haves for hardcore WWE fans. Here are all the different editions of WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 preorder bonus

Before we get to actual editions, let’s take a look at what you get for pre-ordering the game. WWE fans who have been paying attention to the TV product lately probably won’t be surprised to see Bad Bunny as the pre-order bonus. You’ll be able to use him both in normal play and in MyFaction with a Ruby tier card.

Icon Edition

The Icon Edition is loaded with extra goodies for WWE collectors and fans. It comes with access to WWE 2K23 three days ahead of its release. Players can also play as Bad Bunny, Leviathan Batista, Throwback Randy Orton, Throwback Brock Lesnar, and Prototype John Cena. MyFaction players get Ruby Bad Bunny, Ruby John Cena, Emerald Bianca Belair, Gold Asuka, Gold Edge, Emerald Paul Heyman Manager, and Prototype Cena cards as well as three Basic and Deluxe Premium Launch packs. The Icon Edition also includes the season pass and five DLCs, MyRise Mega-Boost, and Supercharger. Plus, players get the John Cena Legacy Championship Belt and WrestleMania 22 Arena. You’ll need to drop $119.99 to get this edition.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition comes with three-day early access to the game as well. In addition, players get the Bad Bunny Bonus Pack with Bad Bunny as a playable character and the Ruby Bad Bunny MyFaction card. MyFaction rewards continue with Ruby John Cena, Emerald Bianca Belair, Gold Asuka, and Gold Edge cards, as well as three Basic Premium Launch Packs and the MyRise Mega-Boost and Supercharger. It too includes all five DLCs. This edition will run you $99.99.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is the base game of WWE 2K23. You can pick this up on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC for $69.99.