Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How to get UR and SR jewels quickly

Want to go shopping at the Card Trader?

While Gems in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links are extremely important to have in your war chest, so are Ultra Rare (UR) and Super Rare (SR) jewels. UR and SR jewels can be used as currency at the Card Trader, who can be found in the Store Area in any Duel Links world. There, users can trade in UR and SR jewels for special UR and SR cards that are in the Card Trader’s stock.

If you’re new to Duel Links, you might be wondering how to obtain these jewels. We’ve got you covered, so let’s go over a few ways that you can grab these special items.

Level up your characters

Leveling up your Duel Links characters can yield some pretty solid rewards, ranging from Gems to even cards. However, you can also acquire a UR jewel from level up rewards. Traditionally, each character’s Level 36 reward is one UR jewel, so if you can get each character up to at least that number, a slew of Gems and at least one UR jewel will be yours for the taking.

Post-battle reward drops

While users are essentially guaranteed one UR jewel just by leveling up characters, this next method is more random. After duels. players will receive XP and rewards, depending on the result and whether certain objectives were met. These objectives include performing a Tribute summon, playing a trap card, or using a Glossy or Prismatic card. The more objectives that are met, the more rewards will be gained.

Now usually, most of these post-battle rewards will be either Coins or Gate Keys, but every now and then, you might get lucky and snare a UR or SR jewel.

Character unlock missions

Not only can UR and/or SR jewels be obtained by leveling up characters, but these items can also be acquired through character unlock missions. If you still have Duel Monsters, GX, or 5Ds characters that need to be unlocked, do so by completing unlock missions. In some cases, completing certain missions can yield either UR or SR jewels. To check the rewards for each missions, click on the Stage icon that can be found on the top-left section of the Area screen.


In some cases, special Duel Links events will yield UR or SR jewels. Jewels from events could be obtained either randomly (through Lotteries), or via Point rewards. Duel Links players gain Points through participating and dueling in events, so if you’re looking for jewels and other items, make sure to take your time and go through any special events that take place.

Trading in UR and SR cards

Let’s say, for instance, that you see a new item in the Card Trader that you want to pick up, but you don’t have the necessary jewels to acquire it. You might be inclined to wait, but the problem is that the Card Trader resets every eight hours. Because of this, your wait might be longer than you might hoped, as once the Card Trader resets, that item might not be there again for awhile.

If you’re in a similar situation and quickly need UR or SR jewels, a fail safe option is to trade in UR and SR cards that you have in your collection. To do this, go to the building in the far-right area of any world in Duel Links, and then go to the Card Catalog. Trading in one UR card will convert it into one UR jewel. Likewise, trading in one SR jewel will yield a SR jewel. This method can be a quick way to get some jewels and pry an item away from the Card Trader, but be mindful that this does come with a price.

If you trade in a card for an extra jewel, that card goes away for good. Our advice to you is that if you are in a situation where you are extremely short on jewels and plan on trading in cards, only convert UR and SR cards that you have more than three copies of. Additionally, we highly recommend that you only trade in cards that are obtained through events and/or Gate rewards, and not UR and SR items that come from Boxes.