Huge PS4 Exclusive December 2014 Announcement "Will Make Lot of Noise And People Rage, Be Prepared": Update


The hype surrounding upcoming PlayStation Experience event is MASSIVE, Sony has official confirmed that at the event PlayStation fans will get the first glimpse of what they have in store for PlayStation 4 owners in 2015.


Today, two Editors of Gamelog France via Twitter shared some more teasing updates on what that PlayStation 4 exclusive is and how fans are going to react to the announcement.

Julien Chièze tweeted that he just came to know about the Big PlayStation 4 exclusive announcement in December 2014. He further added that the announcement will engulf the internet BIG, Be Prepared.

"Je viens d'apprendre l'existence d'une GROSSE exclu #PS4 qui va embraser les internets en décembre. Be prepared." The translation of the tweet reads:

"I just learned the existence of excluded # PS4 which will engulf the internets BIG in December . Be prepared ."

Editor Romain was more vocal about the announcement and openly admitted that he knows what exactly that Big PlayStation 4 exclusive announcement. He further teased a fanboy war by stating that the announcement will make a "Lot of Noise, and RAGE"

"Je sais ce que c’est et je peux vous dire que ça va effectivement faire beaucoup de bruit (et faire rager). #RTPrécédent" The translation of the tweet reads:

"I know what it is and I can tell you that it will actually make a lot of noise ( and to rage ) . # RTPrécédent"

So guys tell us in the comment section below: what this big PlayStation 4 exclusive announcement could be?

The hype is indeed real guys, Hello Games Founder Sean Murray, developer behind upcoming PS4 timed exclusive title, No Man's Sky has also teased something Big for PlayStation 4 this coming December 2014. He stated:

Lovely day with @TheSakeDiary and the Sony crew. Saw something amazing coming to PS4 owners soon that I probably can't talk about :( :) ;)


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