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A peculiar Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 bug is letting players win entire matches from the Gulag

Being eliminated has somehow become the new way to win in the battle royale.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 players have certainly seen a fair share of odd glitches since its November debut. From C-hopping to moving through walls, past bugs lent gunners unexpected movement abilities that have made them nearly untouchable in combat. Now, it appears those sent to its Gulag are the most immune, as the game’s community has run into a game-breaking error that ultimately sees these players win matches without ever fighting opponents.

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Redditor Expensive-Rest8840 shocked the CODWarzone Subreddit upon sharing details of a match that resulted in them winning a battle royale match while in the Gulag. According to the player, a bug has allowed them to spawn in the Gulag arena alone after being eliminated and then wait until all survivors on the Al Mazrah map have been taken out by the storm. Although it was originally believed to be a rare glitch, several others have shared similar experiences since the post gained traction.

For one, Redditor Dopey2189 replied: “This happened to me, but I was the one in Al [Mazrah]. I had a gold gas mask and looked everywhere for the last guy. There was no way anyone could’ve survived…” Meanwhile, many like user Pieterdeboerni uploaded gameplay to the subreddit, displaying how they could loot the Gulag endlessly and camp spawn points until enemies arrived. In other instances with the bug, some have claimed the storm’s gas even made its way to the Gulag before they could be crowned victors.

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So far, developer Raven Software has yet to address the glitch, meaning thriving players could very well continue to unrightfully lose matches for the time being. By all appearances, the issue may stem from recent changes made to the Gulag’s format, with the Season 2 patch making the map strictly for 1v1 gunfights. It is unclear when the game’s next major update may arrive and patch this, though an allegedly leaked roadmap for Warzone 2.0 does point to when future seasons may be launching and what new content they hold.

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