With last year’s games in bad shape, Call of Duty fans loathe the idea of a new one this fall

A new report points to Modern Warfare 2 having less DLC than believed.

Image via Activision

It would be an understatement to say Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is currently lacking new and original content. Following its release, the shooter has been given just two additional multiplayer maps, Shoot House and Shipment, both of which were remakes from past games. Worse yet, its second season has still not arrived, with its developer pushing its start date back multiple weeks. Despite this, a report alleges a new, “standalone” installment will come this November, leaving players outraged by these potential plans.

According to Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson, who had correctly predicted Warzone 2.0’s Al Mazrah map before its reveal, the next entry in the series is rumored to be a full mainline game developed by Sledgehammer Games and is targeting a November 10 launch. They also claimed that it would be “connected” to Modern Warfare 2, but did not mention how they would be linked to each other. Before this rumor, it was last believed publisher Activision had decided to forgo releasing a mainline title this year, possibly choosing to support Modern Warfare 2 with an additional year of content.

If this does not happen to be the case, it appears the next game will not be met with open arms upon its debut. Once the report had circulated on social media, handfuls of fans shared their frustrations, reasoning that Modern Warfare 2’s lack of content should not justify a new game. “A paid DLC [for Modern Warfare 2] literally would’ve been preferable and it is only this way to kill your cosmetics from MWII and make you buy more of them along with the $70 base game,” Reddit user gk99 declared. Others have also noted that Modern Warfare 2 has deterred them from buying a new title any time soon. This includes Redditor Piff_Boogley, who has stated: “I liked MW2 but the lack of content has murdered any interest I have. Time to not care about cod for another couple years.”

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Although Modern Warfare 2 will be earning plenty of content in Season 2, the player base still has a point. The multiplayer component is adding four maps at the start of the season, though each one has already appeared in Warzone 2.0 or in past games. As for its battle royale counterpart, players have not taken kindly to its upcoming changes either, as it looks to restore several aspects from the original Warzone.