Another Fortnite leak provides further evidence Chapter 4 Season 2 may have a Japanese-themed map

New claims surrounding its Battle Pass may have spoiled the mystery of its map changes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There have been handfuls of Fortnite leaks and rumors revolving around its upcoming Chapter 4 Season 2 launch, and it does not seem they will stop anytime soon. Following claims of it bearing a Japanese-themed map, the latest alleged leak points to the battle royale complimenting it with Battle Pass cosmetics inspired by the region’s culture. More significantly, it may have even spoiled just how skins will be inside the seasonal pass.

Proven Fortnite dataminers HYPEX and ShiinaBR have been sharing several potential Chapter 4 Season 2 details in recent days, and now the duo has seemingly revealed a full breakdown of its Battle Pass outfits. Friday afternoon, the leakers published an image on Twitter of what they claim is all eight of its skins, including the previously-rumored Drift recolored outfit and Attack on Titan‘s Eren Yeager. In addition, one character is shown to be a ninja holstering a Katana, while another dazzles with a classic Japanese folding fan.

The supposed Battle Pass skins ultimately support past claims made earlier in the week. Lastly, ShiinaBR shared that a source has reasoned the Chapter 4 Season 2 map will transform the map with a “Futuristic-Japanese” theme. They also added that the season’s arrival could potentially mark the introduction of katana and swords as well as the return of the Lucky Landing POI.

via ShiinaBR’s Twitter

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Despite this new information, it should be noted developer Epic Games has not confirmed or hinted at any of the possible content shown, so only time will tell if these leaks are true. Aside from its Battle Pass, rumors involving the season’s future Item Shop skins have also come to light. For one, dataminers have pointed to yet another Resident Evil crossover in the free-to-play title, with it supposedly bringing Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield outfits to its store.