Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Raids and Season One Reloaded go loud later this year

Bigger than ever.

Image via Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II keeps getting bigger. Its record-smashing success is hard to wrap your head around, and with every new season comes new content. This time it’s a big one: Call of Duty is getting Raids, and these high-difficulty experiences will likely expand the base game narrative in significant ways. Season One Reloaded is also coming, with new maps, weapons, and other content, on December 14.

In the new Raid experience, which will be spread across narrative episodes, Captain Price, Gaz, and Farah infiltrate an underground facility first via fast rope, then by a waterway running down the center of the facility. As they enter, their communication to Kate Laswell, their mission control and only connection to the outside, drops. All they have is each other, their weapons, and their grit. Or should we say yours?

The gameplay in the Raid seems to be a mix of exploration, stealth, and swimming (not new to Call of Duty but new to the Modern Warfare series), plus plenty of combat. It’s unclear what or if there will be set pieces or standard Raid-style encounters, but there do appear to be individual rooms with mounted machine guns, a section about powering lights, and a hallway fight with drones.

There was also an announcement of future Raid episodes, but we got no timeline on when that would be. Season One Reloaded did get a solid date, and while there was no announcement of content coming, the first Season One roadmap did mention a lot of “in-season” drops. These included the Shipment map, the Chimera Assault Rifle, the Klaus and Gaz Operators, a new Co-op mission called High Ground, and the official launch of ranked play. Whether these will all release with Season One Reloaded isn’t clear, but December 14 is close, so we’ll know much more then.