Cayde-6 Returns in Destiny 2’s Final Shape DLC

Everyone’s favorite wise-cracking Guardian returns with The Final Shape expansion to Destiny 2 in August 2023.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 veterans and fans of the original game will remember Cayde-6, the wise-cracking Hunter Vanguard who headlined The Taken King expansion that many say saved the franchise and who left the series with the Forsaken expansion that likewise saved Destiny 2. His departure was due to his untimely death, and his fans have been mourning his loss ever since.

There’s good news for fans of Nathan Fillion’s seminal Destiny character, thanks to the recent PlayStation showcase. Based on a short teaser for the Final Shape expansion, we now know that we’ll be exploring a space beyond the Veil that The Witness created near the Traveler, but where exactly that is, no one is sure. One thing is clear, however: characters are coming back despite the impossible.

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The Final Shape Showcase Is Coming August 22, 2023

Image via Bungie

Recently announced at the PlayStation Showcase, Cayde will be returning, voiced once more by Nathan Fillion, in the Final Shape expansion, the last major expansion in Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness saga that began with the launch of the original game. Bungie will be officially unveiling much about their next DLC in their own Showcase on August 22. If it’s anything like the Witch Queen and Lightfall shows, there will be tons of new info on characters, activities, quality of life updates, and much more.

The Showcase Teaser showed Cayde and Ikora in a space unlike any we’ve seen in the Destiny universe, and Cayde himself seems to be covered in the same Taken miasma that Sloane is dealing with in Season of the Deep. If Sloane is anything to go by, the Darkness appears to offer many abilities some consider unnatural, like returning from even a Guardian’s death.

Beyond Cayde’s return and the Showcase date, we know next to nothing about The Final Shape’s story, activities, loot, or anything else beyond the lore around the phrase. We’re bound to learn much more and maybe even see Nathan Fillion himself make an appearance during the Bungie Showcase.