CoD Fans Going Nuts Over MW3 Zombies Mastery Camos

Fans are esctatic about the Modern Warfare 3 camos, and the multiple skins they can unlock for their favorite weapons.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies will take players into Urzikstan with a mission.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fans are eager to jump back into the chunky multiplayer game that Sledgehammer has created. One of the significant highlights is the return of Zombies Mastery Camos, and fans couldn’t be happier about their quality.

Leading up to the Modern Warfare 3 release, the team at Sledgehammer shared a huge intel drop regarding the upcoming challenges and how camos will work in the series. Players will need to work for these camos, but the overall quality and range of these customization options leave fans eager to unlock some of their favorites.

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Modern Warfare 3 Zombie Camos Have Fans Preparing For a Grind

The intel drop was shown on the Modern Warfare website, where the team went into detail about the upcoming daily and milestone challenges and upcoming camos. It was also revealed that Modern Warfare 2 weapons were coming over to Modern Warfare 3, with the wide range of cosmetics and camos already unlocked on their accounts. It’s a huge bonus for players not to feel that they have regrind everything they’ve already done before, but also prepare them for the upcoming completionist skins.

When it comes to the impending Zombie content in Modern Warfare 3, the grind will remain hefty, even for players who have unlocked every weapon skin in Modern Warfare 2. There will be exclusive camos for players to unlock. These camos will feature exclusive challenges for players to unlock in the upcoming Zombie. Then there are the upcoming completionist Zombie camos for players who unlock each base one for the weapons. The Modern Warfare 2 weapons have exclusive ones, and the Modern Warfare 3 weapons have exclusive ones, providing a lot of customization for these weapons.

Although many Modern Warfare 3 fans are excited about these upcoming camos, there is a worry about how much grinding players will have to work through to grab these unlockables. It’s a legitimate worry. Breaking up the grinding by Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 weapons is an overwhelming aspect, and fans are trying to manage them all.

These multiple camos should give players plenty to work on as they jump into more Zombie matches. Even if there will be a good amount of grinding, Modern Warfare 3 fans are taking this as a huge win for the series, especially following a huge low from player reaction to a shorter campaign.