Deathloop has been delayed to September

Developer Arkane says the decision was to help “ensure the health and safety” of its team.

Some bad news for those eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming FPS Deathloop: developer Arkane Lyon has decided to delay the title until September 14. In a video statement that came via Twitter, game director Dinga Bakaba and art director Sebastien Mitton say that they are “committed to quality and preserving out team’s ambitions for Deathloop while ensuring the health and safety of everyone at Arkane.”

It sounds like the studio is making the decision to avoid crunch as much as possible, and to prioritize the quality of their work and wellbeing of their workers at the cost of hitting the previous launch date of May 21. “We are sorry for the wait,” Bakaba says in the video.

This is not the game’s first time getting pushed back. Deathloop was originally planned to launch alongside the PlayStation 5 in November, but it was delayed to May 21, 2021, instead.

Multiple launch date delays are nothing new in AAA game development, and Deathloop joins a long list of other games that have been delayed this year. Arkane Lyon is clearly not willing to jeopardize its creative process for the sake of delivering on time, and considering the fallout of the Cyberpunk 2077 launch late last year, that’s probably for the best.

Deathloop will release for PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.