Destiny 2 fan turns the game’s guns into “cute anime girls”

The Guardian gals are here.

image via Bungie

Destiny 2 has quite a creative community, but that’s probably to be expected from one of the best free-to-play games on the market. Between the fan theories about raid bosses and making Guardians that look like Skeletor, there’s a lot of meta fun to be had with the shooter. Now, one creative fan has begun turning the game’s famous guns into “cute anime girls.”

Reddit user Fancymancer started off with a thread humorously titled “What if I drew Destiny 2 guns as cute anime girls… Pfft, that’d be ridiculous, why would anyone- oh god no wait I.” Fan art takes many forms, and anthropomorphizing weapons is perfectly valid — if a little silly, as Fancymancer acknowledges. Their first two creations in that thread are for the hand cannons Thorn and Lumina. Their renderings almost look like twins: one tall, white-haired warrior with yellow highlights and a shorter, hoodie-wearing sibling with green accents.

A few days later, Fancymancer returned with a take on Telesto, a fusion rifle with a reputation for breaking in the best way. This meme-worthy drawing shows a girl with sparky purple hair who’d probably get along great with Overwatch’s D.Va. Fancymancer even gave us a second version of Telesto’s face, reacting to yet another issue caused by her namesake.

It’ll be exciting to see what Fancymancer draws next. There are tons of guns in Destiny 2, and we can picture the recently added Something New hand cannon as a polished paladin in shiny blue and white armor. Other weapons like swords and glaives are ripe for some fan art too.

As for the future of Destiny 2 itself, the 2022 showcase airs Tuesday, August 23. That will give us a sneak peek at the game’s next expansion, Lightfall. A new raid will launch just three days after the showcase, and skill-based matchmaking will come to the game with Season 18.