He-Man’s Skeletor can be in Destiny 2 thanks to clever armor customization

The Lord of Destruction was meant to be a Guardian.

Image via Mattel

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Ever since The Witch Queen expansion released back in February, Bungie has wanted Destiny 2’s campaign missions to feel like Star Trek and The Mandalorian. Well, the team might have to settle for some He-Man and the Masters of the Universe vibes instead. One Guardian has taken their fandom to the next level by cosplaying as He-Man’s archenemy Skeletor. Prince Adam had better watch out.

Reddit user Dgreguskov shared their creation with the community in a thread hilariously titled “NYAHHHHHH.” He-Man fans will definitely know how to pronounce that one. The Skeletor looks centers around the Epialos Following Mask, a new skull-themed head ornament introduced with Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted. The mask gets a Continuum Alloy shader to really sell the Skeletor look. The rest of the outfit is composed of the Gumshoe Gumption Grips, Prodigal Strides, and Refugee Cloak with the Skitchpoint shader, plus the Icarus Drifter Vest with the Queensgrace shader to illustrate the skeleton man’s ribs. Responses in the thread include about as many Skeletor memes and gifs as you’d expect.

Dgreguskov also shared their look on the Destiny Fashion subreddit, where it’s getting just as much love. There are lots of fun looks to find over there, including Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion and a Spartan — a nice nod to Bungie’s storied history with Halo. There’s even another take on Skeletor among the fashion posts — the Epialos Following Mask seems to have inspired a few different players.

Emblems and shaders are big deal to the Destiny 2 community, so that’s why many strive for a complete collection. That means doing things like picking up the new Infinite Prismatic emblem, which also goes to help support an important charity. You also might be looking for new quests to complete. We’d recommend giving quests like Bound in Sorrow, Sever – Grief, and Forging Iron a look.