Destiny 2 Will Soon Let Players Access The Vault From Orbit

Soon Destiny 2 players will have the ability to store things in the vault from the safety of their ships.

Image via Bungie

Thanks to Bungie, the day will soon come when Guardians across the universe will have the chance to store and retrieve loot quicker in Destiny 2. This, among many handy features, is set to arrive shortly to improve the player experience.

In Destiny 2, where the goal is to accumulate as much loot as possible, something seemed amiss when it came to storing and retrieving said loot. The inventories for Guardians are limited, which wasn’t good nor optimal for holding onto much. This in turn made places like The Tower on Earth and seasonal areas more popular than they should’ve been due to hoards of players taking advantage of their vaulting services. Now it seems as though the team is finally removing that longtime inconvenience.

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Bring Your Loot With You in Destiny 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

During this week’s “This Week in Destiny” post, Bungie released a host of information detailing some of the changes coming in Season 23, one of those being the addition of vault access while in orbit. Numerous third-party tools, such as Destiny Item Manager and Ishtar Commander, have helped this particular feature in some ways, but it hasn’t been simple for those looking for a quicker solution. It seems the team at Bungie has been hard at work implementing this for a while now, as the team seemed very excited to share the news with the community. They’ve even opened up some channels for feedback via Reddit and X (formerly known as Twitter).

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This news comes at a great time, as a new expansion is due to be released early next year. With the inevitable pile of loot coming along with the expansion, players are going to need a way to access the vaults quickly. This also helps those who are currently doing difficult content like Nightfall Strikes and Raids, where equipment is key for completing that type of content. Season 23 of Destiny 2 is expected to release at the end of November / start of December, and is shaping up to be great, especially with these changes coming.