Diablo 4 live-action trailer offers beta players the chance to be immortalized in a real French mural

All you need to do is play the heck out of the open beta.

Image via Blizzard

Diablo 4’s open beta is just a few weeks away, and Blizzard is throwing whatever they can at the wall and hoping it sticks..literally. After enlisting the help of a fashion design studio to bring Diablo-inspired clothing to the runway in Milan, the developer is now trying their hand at a different type of art. Diablo 4 has just released a new live-action trailer showcasing a beautiful ceiling mural in an actual church in France, and you can win the chance to be painted into it just by playing the open beta.

Players who opt-in to be entered into the sweepstakes need only to reach level 25 during the open beta to have a chance to be immortalized in the ceiling mural depicted in the trailer. The painting is on display at the Chapelle de Jesuites in Cambrai, France, and depicts a stunning theme of the hero’s journey and their confrontation with Diablo 4’s mother of evil herself, Lilith.

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Blizzard worked with a team of modern-day artists led by Adam Miller to bring the painting to life. The developer wanted a baroque-style dark-gothic mural and the time frame for completion was only a month. In total, the art piece covers 2,400 square feet of canvas and takes inspiration from artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Diablo 4’s beta starts early on March 17 for those who pre-purchase the game. Open beta follows shortly after and runs from March 24 to 27. Players who participate in the beta can unlock some rewards for the release version of the game, including a few titles and even a back piece item containing a baby wolf in a cradle. The game officially launches in the summer on June 5 for both PC and consoles.