Easiest Way To Watch YouTube Videos On PS4


There isn’t a dedicated YouTube App on PS4 at present, but Google and Sony has promised to launch it soon. But the question all PS4 owners are asking right now, is there any other way to watch YouTube videos on PS4?, YES via YouTube TV.

YouTube App on PS4Now here are the step by step guide to access YouTube TV on PS4 and list of its benefits. Go To Internet Explorer, and then head on to “www.youtube.com/tv”.

This YouTube TV has been created for devices that doesn’t come with YouTube built-in app. Via DualShock 4 controllers Directional Pad, PS4 owners can easily scroll across YouTube TV webpage and to select videos they can make use of X button.

Furthermore, to watch videos in full screen all PS4 needs to do is press Square Button. Another major advantages of YouTube TV is that it plays in the background allowing PS4 owners to check out other sites at the same time.

So until an official YouTube App for PS4 arrives, you can watch your favourite YouTube videos on YouTube TV.