Elden Ring players are expecting DLC news this week after the free Colosseum update

The gladiators are giddy.

Image via Fextralife

Elden Ring fans were delighted to hear that the game’s first major content update is ready to drop. PvP players will be happy to know that access to the infamous Colosseums opens on Wednesday, December 7. Those special arenas are made for matchmaking duels, and while that certainly has a lot of appeal, it’s not the only bit of new content we expect to see in the game. In fact, some players believe we’ll hear about story DLC just one day after the Colosseum debut.

Checking the Colosseum update discussion thread on Reddit, it seems more than a few Elden Ring fans see this week’s update as an appetizer before something more substantial is announced. “Figured they’d announce this at The Game Awards,” ponders AlilBitTall. “Maybe that leaves space for a DLC trailer.” Plenty of replies agree with that theory — emphatically so. The Game Awards air the night of December 8, and with the Colosseum content out of the way by then, those commenters figure the time is right for a bigger announcement. Elden Ring and The Game Awards do have a close relationship, so it’s not out of the question. It’s one of several games we’d like to see at the show ourselves.

As for what this potential DLC could entail, there are already some hints in previous Elden Ring updates. Namely, a new legacy dungeon and ray tracing are on the docket. The latter could come in a simple performance update, but an entirely new dungeon to explore would need to be part of something more significant. Some particularly passionate fans are also hoping for a boss fight that’s harder than Malenia.

Whether FromSoftware brings us an expansion for Elden Ring or a totally new game next, one thing’s for sure: it will be a challenging experience. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki recently stated that he won’t change the way these games are made, even after Elden Ring’s massive success.