Epic Games is testing First Person Mode for Fortnite

Don’t expect it for a long while, though.

Image via Epic Games

Believe it or not, but despite involving a lot of shooting, Fortnite has only ever been playable in third person. In the five or so years since it launched, there has been no real first person mode. If you want to experience the game in first person, you usually have to make do with a fan-made mod. According to one dataminer, however, that could change.

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HYPEX, a prominent dataminer/leaker within the Fortnite community, recently claimed that Epic Games is building a first person camera for Fortnite, even sharing a picture of it in action. HYPEX admits that there’s no other info about it beyond its existence. Plus, it appears to be very early in development, so don’t expect it to drop any time soon. The latest season has only just started, so it probably won’t be ready until next season at the absolute earliest — and that’s not going to be for another few months.

This would hardly be the first major change to the game. Only last season did Fortnite take away the building mechanic. While it was temporary, it proved popular enough for the game to keep it as a separate Zero Build mode.

A quick glance through the replies to HYPEX’s Tweet shows plenty of people expressing excitement about its inclusion, but a few others vehemently don’t want it at all. It should be noted that any first person mode will no doubt be optional; Epic Games is unlikely to foist it on players when Fortnite’s been a third person game for five years.