Fall Guys adds an AiAi skin to celebrate Super Monkey Ball’s 20th anniversary

Their latest collaboration is completely bananas.

Image via Mediatonic

Ever since Fall Guys first launched in August last year, the platform-based battle royale has enjoyed many collaborations. Its latest will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sega’s Super Monkey Ball by introducing an AiAi costume. You’ll want to act fairly sharpish if you want to add the outfit to your collection though, as it will only be available until September 30.

If you want to look like AiAi as you dart around Fall Guys’ obstacles courses, you will need to be willing to part with 10 crowns. The cost is split into two parts, AiAi Upper and AiAi Lower. Both will set you back five crowns each.

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Like most Fall Guys collaborations, the AiAi outfit strikes an odd balance between cute and a little terrifying. Regardless, it’s an appropriate addition to the game given the jungle theme of Season 5 and how both titles sport bright and cheerful graphics. Likewise, it’ll tide fans of Sega’s platform series over until Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania arrives on console on October 5.

AiAi joins a long line of characters to crossover into the world of Fall Guys. Other recent additions include Clank from Ratchet & Clank, Kena from Bridge of Spirits, and even 2B of Nier Automata fame. Honestly, no character seems to be off-limits, and it’s always fun to see how Mediatonic contort well-known heroes to fit their wacky universe.