Fall Guys is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a playlist of throwback stages

Party like it’s 2020.

fall guys

Image via Mediatonic

The one-year anniversary for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has finally arrived, and developer Mediatonic is celebrating the milestone in style. The official Fall Guys Twitter account announced this morning that it’s holding the event with a special show: a playlist full of their classic stages from the game’s initial launch.

Additionally, the studio has enabled double crowns. Players who win a crown after a game will receive a free one, which is a nice incentive for playing. So for those who want to experience what Fall Guys was before the major season updates, this event is the perfect reason to come back to the game.

Fall Guys Season 5 launched on July 20 and features tons of new content including over 20 costumes, six rounds, five obstacles, and a new Fame Path. For said Fame Path, when players complete all 50 tiers, they’ll unlock seven new costumes and pick up 24,000 Kudos and 22 Crowns. The biggest part of the update, however, is the introduction of Limited-Time Events and additions to Squads mode.

Squads mode will now let players team up in either duos or trios to tackle on shows. Limited-Time Events are exactly what they sound like: complete specific challenges in a set amount of time for rewards, with the first Limited-Time Event being a Ratchet & Clank crossover.

In a bout of bad news, Mediatonic revealed back in May that it indefinitely delayed the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X/S versions of Fall Guys. However, crossplay custom games did make it as a feature, but full crossplay parties are not yet part of the game.