Final Fantasy XIV Online Warns Players to Exchange Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism Before Removal

Don’t miss out on a rather good exchange rate.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV fans have become used to the grind when they finish the game’s epic campaign, including earning the Allagan Tomestones to purchase top-end gear. Every few patches, we see these currencies get a shake-up, and it looks like the time has come again with the imminent release of patch 6.4, The Dark Throne.

Square Enix has revealed the changes coming to the Allagan Tomestones currencies in patch 6.4, including the removal of the Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism, to prepare players for the next big update coming to the massively popular MMORPG.

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Players Have Until Late May to Get Their Tomestones in Order

The update to the Allagan tomestones was announced via a short blog post that details the upcoming changes. Much like each major update for Final Fantasy XIV, certain Tomestones, used to acquire high-end gear at level 90, will see several changes when patch 6.4, the Dark Throne, is released in late May.

First, players should be aware that their Allagan tomestones of aphorism, which have been unusable since patch 6.2, will be removed entirely from the game when patch 6.4 is released. The developer encourages players to exchange their leftover Allagan tomestones of aphorism for Allagan tomestones of astronomy with Auriana in Revenant’s Toll (X: 22.7 Y: 6.7) before the new patch is live.

In addition, a new tomestone will be added to the game, Allagan tomestones of comedy. These will become the top currency used to purchase end-game gear, with the same restrictions that previous top currencies have been subject to. That restriction remains the same weekly cap of 450 and a 2,000. They will replace Allagan tomestones of causality as the top currency, which will lose their weekly cap, and Allagan tomestones of astronomy will become unusable. Allagan Tomestones of Poetics will not be affected by these changes.

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A host of other changes and new content will be coming in patch 6.4, including new story quests, raids, and a new dungeon, to name a few. No solid release date has been given yet, but we know it will release in late May, so players should have plenty of time to get their tomestone affairs in order.