Fortnite launches The Block 2.0, new buildings will be featured in Battle Royale and Zero Build

What makes a good building?

Image via Epic Games

It’s been a few years since Fortnite rolled out The Block, a user-created space that appeared on the official map. That was 2018, so the game has seen a massive number of changes over the course of four years. What’s old is new again, and The Block 2.0 has just been announced.

As detailed on the Fortnite blog, The Block 2.0 is giving creators a new opportunity to build something for all players to enjoy, but with a few differences this time around. The original Block was a 25×25 space that was pretty open to creative interpretation. The Block 2.0 will consist of three separate build spaces: apartments, restaurants, and shops. Three spaces means three times the opportunity to explore some new creations.

Submission criteria are also listed on the Fortnite blog, although submissions themselves are not yet open. You’ll only be able to submit a single map, meaning you’ll have to decide between sending in your apartment, restaurant, or shop design. You’ll also have to limit the assets you use to those included in The Block 2.0 filter. Epic Games will be selecting the best ones, making them available for everyone to explore in both Battle Royale and Zero Build.

To help with the process, Epic has created a Level Instance Device. Essentially, this allows you to group together a large collection of your placed objects and items in Creative mode, letting you copy and paste the entire scene across the island. There are also 16 new galleries of floors, walls, stairs, and props for you to play around with.

Lastly, Epic Games provided a few design tips for those looking to submit to The Block 2.0. These include the building itself, its narrative place in Fortnite lore, how firefights will occur inside, and line of sight — all important factors to consider. Line of sight is particularly interesting to think about now that Epic Games is currently testing a first-person mode for Fortnite.