Fortnite wants your snowy island ideas in the Winterfest 2022 Callout

Time for some ‘cool’ creations.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has a ton of custom and crossover content already, but Epic Games is always happy to see more from its fans. If you’re ready for snow in your part of the world, then it’s time to turn that weather into inspiration for a new Creative island.

Epic Games has issued Fortnite’s Winterfest 2022 Callout, prompting players to build new islands for this year’s celebration. As always, the islands that Epic likes best will be featured in Discover row when the time comes. Submissions run from November 7 through December 6, giving you a full month to get your idea polished and sent in via the submission form.

So what kind of winter wonderland is Epic looking for? As the blog post tells it, the team wants to see new items like the Chiller Grenade and Sneaky Snowman put to good use. New non-winter items like the Holo-Chest and Cobra DMR from update v22.10 are also good options. “Groundbreaking islands” with “innovative and boundary-pushing designs” are going to be the ones featured at the end of the process. Creativity is key here, so Epic is looking for more than just elimination-based games.

Your gears might already be turning from the other recent Callout, centered around the Rocket League Octane. The quintessential Rocket League car was added to Fortnite’s Creative mode, and it drives just like the real thing, with turbo boosts, wall-riding, and gliding. Epic is looking for creative submissions that involve relevant driving challenges, and you can start sending those in from October 18 through November 1.

Also kicking off on October 18 is Fortnite’s annual Fortnitemares Halloween event. This year’s new costumes include a dark winged angel and a creature with a hand for a face. The teaser video shows some sort of glowing prism in the shape of a wolf’s head, so that’s also going to factor into the spooky season somehow. Additionally, you can expect to see some custom creepy islands featured in Creative mode, just as the Rocket League and Winterfest 2022 winners will be highlighted in the near future.

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