Fortnite Winterfest 2023 Quests Leak Days Before the Event Begins

Reliable leakers have shared the full list of Fortnite Winterfest 2023 quests ahead of the event’s start, allowing all players to prepare.

fortnite winterfest 2023 quests leaked

Image via Epic Games

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Fortnite’s Winterfest event is one that players look forward to each year because of the free gifts and festive cheer it brings. The adjustment to Fortnite’s core gameplay is also welcome, adding in new elements and quests, all of which have been leaked for 2023.

Quests are a staple part of every Fortnite mode. Even the recently released LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival have quests for players to complete in exchange for Battle Pass XP and cosmetic rewards. Fortnite Winterfest quests are no different, and it always helps to know what’s coming ahead of time so players can prepare. Thanks to prominent leakers, players can now do exactly that with Winterfest 2023’s quests.

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Every Fortnite Winterfest 2023 Quest Leaked Ahead of Event

Reliable Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey has today shared every Winterfest 2023 quest, apart from the daily bonus ones, before it starting in-game. Earlier today, they did the same with the free gifts players will be able to earn by logging in every day the event is live, but this leak feels so much more useful to players.

The list shows there will be a plethora of quests for players to complete, allowing them to earn hundreds of thousands of experience points towards the Chapter 5 Season 1 Underground Battle Pass. We love events in live service games for this exact reason. It gives us more to do and a way to earn more progression towards the cosmetics in the Battle Pass we’ve paid for.

From what we can see, there will be two sets of quests. One set will each have four stages, requiring players to put in quite a lot of effort to finish them. The others are easier, with just one requirement that must be met before players earn all the XP on offer.

While this information seems fantastic to us, showing that Sgt. Winter will return to shower players with presents in every match once again, and there will be a present delivery mechanic. Everyone else has only one thing on their minds. “When does it start?”

While there’s no definitive start date for Fortnite Winterfest 2023 at the time of writing, iFireMonkey has previously stated that it should start between now and December 17, 2023. This means players have less than a week to wait for the event, though it would be nice if it dropped on Tuesday with the quest reset.