Genshin Impact leak teases upcoming Fontaine characters and possible Mondstadt update

More European-inspired regions other than Fontaine may be getting characters and maps.

Image via MiHoYo

Much of Genshin Impact’s appeal is its ever-expanding world, but sometimes the most thrilling updates are about beloved regions already in the game. While fans are thrilled about the upcoming, French-inspired Fontaine region, recent leaks about Mondstadt have players scouring the internet for more information. Luckily, Genshin Impact leak-detective Mero, aka @Merlin_Impact on Twitter, has shared new evidence to the possible Mondstadt update.

Mero’s tweet shows a collection of new characters and their designs. However, Mero notably says that not all these characters are from Fontaine. Even without a more specific clue about the Mondstadt update, fans have been quick to note how the pink-haired character has a more Mondstadt style. This character looks a lot more like Amber and does not don the elaborate French costumes of known Fontaine characters like Lyney and Lynette, who are magician Fontaine characters confirmed in Genshin Impact’s storyline preview video.

Also, this is hardly the only clue toward an upcoming Mondstadt update. A few months ago, some prominent leaks showed map content that could possibly be for Dornman Port, a mysterious Mondstadt region that’s only been mentioned in passing by NPCs. This could also mean the captain-like character finds her place in the new Mondstadt region.

No matter what’s going on with Mondstadt though, fans excited for Fontaine should be ecstatic to learn there are many new stylized characters coming with the new region. This includes more detailed character leaks that have every Genshin Impact player buzzing about possible new Hydro and Geo options.