“Give Me God of War” Difficulty Level Rewards Revealed

 “Give Me God of War” Difficulty Level Rewards Revealed

PlayStation 4 exclusive action adventurer God of War isn’t a tough challenge when played at the base difficulty levels, but the last, “Give Me God of War” is indeed quite a different beast to handle.

As such, this difficulty levels give you – on top of a more reactive AI and instakills from the largest part of the enemies you’ll encounter by playing the main story and exploring the environment – a few interesting and unique rewards.

Give Me God of War Difficulty Mode Rewards Revealed

Among the stuff the game delivers upon completing it at the “Give Me God of War” difficulty level you can find two different shields: the Radiant Shield of Unity, celebrating one of the main characters’ “experiments,” and the Aspis of Spartan Fury, which is clearly a remnant of Kratos’ past.

Both the shields are Epic, which is the highest rank of rarity you’ll find throughout the entire adventure. Considering you can’t even change the difficulty during the “Give Me God of War” playthrough, that’s quite a complicated mission for grabbing them.

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So, is this enough in your opinion to task you with completing the game all over again? My run at the Normal difficulty level ended at around 30 hours, complete with the main story and a good chunk of secondary content, and, as I loved it, I think it might be worth getting back to it with a new difficulty level…