Inscryption’s free new mini-expansion turns the game into an endless roguelike

You can play the expansion’s beta right now.

Image via Devolver Digital

Inscryption director Daniel Mullins announced on Tuesday that the indie card battler will get a free mini-expansion titled “Kaycee’s Mod” that will turn the game into an “endless, […] increasingly challenging roguelike.” The developer also announced that owners of Inscryption can beta test the new content for free.

In a blog post, Mullins claimed he received numerous requests for an endlessly replayable version of Inscryption’s first act following the game’s launch. The developer further stated that Kaycee’s Mod is just that, “and a little more.” The mode turns Leshy’s cabin into a roguelike, complete with difficulty that scales up the longer you survive, and skulls, which act as difficulty modifiers.

In the beta, you can unlock new cards, complete various challenges, and obtain logs inscribed by Kaycee Hobbes — a key character in Inscryption’s story. Mullins also said the beta will receive more content as time goes on, including new cards, items, and balance adjustments.

Inscryption was released in October 2021, and it was received rather favorably by critics and players alike. The indie title casts players as a silent protagonist who finds themself trapped in a cabin; their only means of escape is to defeat various demonic foes in a card game. If you’re looking to get into Inscryption, or want guidance on a particular part of the game, check out our coverage on the best deck strategies for Act 1, how to defeat The Prospector, or how to solve one of the puzzles in the cabin.