Need for Speed Unbound embraces its inner Xzibit with new customization trailers

What can’t you customize in the new NFS?

Image via EA

The team surrounding Need for Speed Unbound has decided to surprise all NFS fans with four short videos on Twitter highlighting the many ways in which players can customize their rides in the game. Criterion Software has emphasized the addition of “more rims, more decals, (and) more rides.” This is great news for all fans who love making a unique ride that will make their fellow racers jealous. You can watch all the customization teasers below.

We already got a gameplay trailer, showcasing the ways you can rank up in NFS Unbound, and now we know that we can practically change everything about our cars. Now, fans are always looking for more, and one specific fan asked on Twitter about “more body kits and widebody options,” to which the official Need for Speed Twitter page replied with a shush emoji, hinting that the player might have guessed what was in store for the next teaser trailers.

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By considering the past gameplay trailers, we could already tell that customization is going to be a big thing in Need for Speed Unbound, and this recent tweet just establishes what many of us have expected.

On December 2, Need for Speed Unbound will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. There are two versions available for preorder, with the Palace Edition offering even more possibilities for customization, many of which you have just seen in the videos.