New Genshin Impact trailer may hint at Yaoyao’s release in the next version

It lines up with the leaks.

Image via HoYoverse

The Game Awards 2022 was a big show for Genshin Impact fans. First, their game of choice took home the Players’ Voice prize after a battle with Sonic Frontiers fans. Then, they were treated to a quick trailer that finally shone the spotlight on a long-awaited character.

The Genshin Impact entry video was shown as a thank you to the fans for helping the game take home the award. “Thanks to your support, Genshin Impact has won the Players’ Voice award,” the description reads. “Thank you for coming alongside us through this journey.” The game was also up for the Best Mobile Game and Best Ongoing Game prizes, but it lost out to Marvel Snap and Final Fantasy XIV, respectively.

Genshin Impact fans still probably feel like big winners after seeing the latest trailer. While it primarily serves as a sizzle reel, the final shot shows Yaoyao, a character who’s become almost mythical within the Genshin Impact fandom. After several teaser images, this is the first time we’ve seen her in motion, leading fans to believe she’ll be added to the game with its next version update. That would line up with a previous leak that said Yaoyao was coming in version 3.4. There are many leaks like that in the Genshin Impact world — Discord is even being sued to uncover one prominent leaker’s identity.

Version 3.4 is the next one for Genshin Impact. Version 3.3 put the focus back on the region of Inazuma and finally added a playable Scaramouche (via a 5-Star Anemo Wanderer) to the game. That’s one of three major character editions in the first phase of version 3.3’s Event Wishes, the other two being Faruzan and Arataki Itto. If you pull either of those and want ideas for some good loadouts, we’ve got you covered — the best build for Scaramouche and Faruzan.