Over 3 million people have wishlisted Dying Light 2 on Steam ahead of its February release

It’s currently the second most-wishlisted title on the platform.

Image via Techland

Techland announced on Tuesday that over 3 million Steam users have wishlisted Dying Light 2: Stay Human ahead of its release on February 4. At the time of writing, the upcoming survival-horror title is the second-most wishlisted game on the platform, according to Steam’s top wishlists page.

Dying Light 2 was previously the most wishlisted game on Steam and had been for all of 2021. On January 10, FromSoftware’s highly anticipated game, Elden Ring, surpassed Dying Light 2 as Steam’s most wishlisted title. Other notable titles lagging behind Techland’s zombie action-RPG — in terms of wishlists, at least — include Hollow Knight: Silksong, Starfield, and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. It should be noted that wishlisting a title is simply a way for Steam users to express interest in a game; it is not indicative of how many preorders a title has accumulated.

Techland first announced Dying Light 2 in 2018, after which the game was subject to several delays. In November 2021, Techland stated that the game had gone gold, indicating it would make its February release date. Like the first Dying Light game, the sequel places an emphasis on melee combat, as well as using parkour to evade both undead and human enemies.

Techland has actively promoted the wealth of content that Dying Light 2 will boast both at launch and beyond. In early January, the developer stated the game would have over 500 pieces of unique gear, claimed it would take roughly 500 hours to exhaust the game of its content, and further teased five-years’-worth of post-launch content.