Playing God of War on PC with an Xbox or Switch controller is “awesome,” says developer

“Why limit people who want to play the game?”

Image via PlayStation

One-time PlayStation exclusive God of War is now available on PC. While those who played the game on PlayStation 4 or 5 likely did so with a DualShock controller, that’s not always going to be the case on PC — but the developer behind the port is all for it.

GameInformer interviewed senior technical producer Matt DeWald about God of War’s arrival on PC. GameInformer points out that many people use Xbox controllers to play games there, but it’s no bother to the devs. In fact, it’s “awesome,” says DeWald. “We even put in all the glyphs for you so you don’t get confused by the button press. Yeah, we have no problems with that. You can even use a Switch controller here as well. You can definitely use any of the third-party controllers. We tried to add as many options as possible because why limit people who want to play the game?” It’s a lovely sentiment, and the fact that the team even updated the in-game glyphs to reflect the appropriate controller is a nice touch.

Other aspects of the port took more intensive work though. DeWald previously spoke about the game’s ultrawide mode, one of many new PC features for the game. Ultrawide support required new animation for the entire adventure, as the 21:9 aspect ratio revealed much more of the scenery that you wouldn’t otherwise see. If you want to see it for yourself, have a look at the game’s PC requirements then dive right in.